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We have finally got our marketplace up and running. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING! As of right now we have a few of our new things available for purchase. We also have put some of our one of a kind lamps for sale. Please click on the email button above and to the left if you have any questions about our lamps. Happy Shopping!
Old Milk Sieve Pendant Hanging Lamp
Rabbit Fur Cape
$250.00 $105.00
Diameter 12 inches and 8 inches tall One size fits all!
This unique hanging pendant light is made out of an old dairy milk sieve. It has about 5 feet of antique farm chain. It also has a pull chain. These are one size fits all! They are made out of rabbit fur and very soft. They come in Black, rose and off-white colors. You can move your mouse over fur to see it on our model.
Black is sold out! Sorry
Mid Century Electric Coffee Pot Lamp Unique Faucet Night Light Vintage Mixer lamp
$425.00 $85.00 $350.00
19 inches tall x 9 inches wide 5 inches tall x 8 3/4 inches wide 13 inches tall x 12 inches wide
This mid-century coffee pot has made the most adorable lamp. It has a black beaded lampshade with a black Bakelite handle on the pot. There is etching around the pot. The switch is on the socket. This night light is made from an old faucet. It has a drop lightbulb, which resembles a drop of water. The faucet is mounted on and piece of oak stained wood. Great for a nightlight in the bathroom. The switch is an inline switch on the cord. Lightbulb comes with the light. This vintage mixer has become a wonderful lamp. It will add whimsy to any kitchen. This mixer is a metal Sunbeam mix master. We have put in 2 LED lights in the mixing blade slots. They are included with this lamp. There is a toggle switch on the side of the mixer.
Handblown glass North Carolina ornaments Vintage Blow Torch Lamp Twisted Twig Pine Scented Candle
$29.00 $95.00 $30
8 1/2 inches tall x 6 inches wide
These lovely ornaments are made out of glass with a sand heart where Banner Elk, North Carolina is. They measure 5" wide by 2" tall. They have a beautiful ribbon to hang it with. A unique lamp made out of a vintage blow torch. Light bulb is included. Inline switch on cord. Perfect gift for any guy. These are one of a kind soy candles, designed and made exclusively for The Twisted Twig. This Pine scent is a pine wood scent. They are 10 oz. with a burn time of 55-60 hours.